Moab Ride 2010

14 riders made up this year's ride and it was a dandy.  The weather cooperated and we had rain the night before our first day which made the sand and soil tacky and just right for some excellent riding.  Friday (March 19) was the day we did a round through White Wash, Red Wash, Ten Mile Wash and assorted slot canyons and slick rock areas.  Then it was off to the Slick Rock park (up from Moab) and a late afternoon 12 mile ride before a great Mexican feed.  The next day we did Pritchett Canyon, Behind the Rocks Trail and Kane Creek - tough in spots but great fun and everybody helped everybody when needed.  The final day was a round on the Sovereign Trail system.  Finally, everyone made it home safe and sound with only a few bruises and one flat tire.

More snow than usual on the way to Moab.


A great gang of riders.


Pritchett Canyon has its challenges.


Only one at a time.


Everyone helps.


Near the top of Pritchett Canyon.

moab 2010 091.JPG

The vistas on top are great.


Up a slot canyon.

moab 2010 039.JPG

Better follow the leader.

moab 2010 061.JPG

A little water at the end of the day.

moab 2010 120.JPG


Building a Replica Cobra 2007

This is not a two wheeled ride but a ride never the less. Our son Todd wanted to build a replica Cobra so he purchased all the parts and then came to me and said, "Dad, would you build me a Cobra?"  How could I refuse.   Some 375 work hours later we had a rolling chassis powered by an aluminum block/heads, spec. as a 351 Windsor V8 motor bored and stroked to 427 and dynoded at 650 hp. The fiber glass body was painted in California and then married to the chassis along with leather upholstery and carpeting.  Maybe one of these days you will be passed by a metalic forest green Cobra that is just flying.  Here are a few pictures of the process:

Preparing the stainless steel chassis for powder coating.

Cobra 008.jpg

 Polished suspension parts ready for assembly (all billet aluminum - no welding anywhere).

Cobra 005.jpg

Installing the engine/transmission was no small task.

Cobra 001.jpg

Suspension, brakes, and steering installed.

Cobra 002.jpg

Building the exhaust system was very challenging.

Cobra 003.jpg

 Sorting out the electronics was really interesting.

Cobra 007.jpg
























Here is a special lady (Karen) checking out this  special car.

Cobra 004.jpg

Final delivery to the boss man.

Cobra 080.jpg

The finished and painted car.

Cobra 102.jpg

Another view

Cobra 101.jpg

Nicely upholstered also (and with AC).

cobra 107.jpg

Here is how she looks in 2013



Cozumel Dive 2009

This adventure is not about riding motorcycles but an adventure never the less.  In late September Paul and Troy Winslow went to the island of Cozumel just off the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico for five days of diving in some of the most beautiful coral waters to be found anywhere.  We did 11 boat dives, including one night dive and a wreck dive.  We saw turtles, eels, octopus, squids, crabs, lobsters, barracuda, sharks, manta rays, groupers, and all kinds of fish.  Our hosts were the Blu Angel Dive Shop and Hotel and they took wonderful care of us.  Our dive groups were small (usually 4 -6 people) using fast dive boats we went to a different place for each dive.   We were fortunate to have a couple from Canada who had made over 400 dives at Cozumel and who passed on some of their professional pictures - as you will see.

We stayed right on the beach.


Funny looking fish.

Cozumel-09-30-09 003.jpg

Don't stick your hand too close.


A nice swimming companion.


Going about his business.


His color matches his home.


Patrolling manta rays.

Cozumel-09-30-09 081.jpg

A little guy.


Look at the colors God has made.


A killer fish from the Pacific.

Cozumel-09-30-09 191.jpg

A fish swarm from the deep.

Cozumel-09-30-09 126.jpg

Going through coral channels.

Cozumel-09-30-09 042.jpg

Time to go home.

Cozumel-09-30-09 195.jpg

Nick Ride 09

Nick and the boys from California showed up at our house July 23 just before we returned from a study trip - some came by airplane and some by pickup (with bikes in tow). The first day was a ride in the North Coeur d' Alene mtns. on single track trails called Independence, Devil's Peak, Larch Mtn, Powder Mtn, Dixie Queen, Kick Bush and assorted connecting trails. Everyone got their game face on and did great. On day two the bar was raised with a ride out of Wallace, ID. - a lot of high mountain trails with many interesting variations. Again, everyone did well but were glad to jump into a cold stream at the end of the day. On the third day we went up a steep trail through a lot of overgrowth to the top of Chilkote (a former fire lookout site). We quit a little early as men and bikes were a bit worn out but we did come down Hell's Canyon (which was a nice end to the Nick Ride of 2009).

Lake Pend Oreille


North Idaho Trails


Getting across a pack bridge


Some uphill !


A little tired, are we ?



More Idaho trails:


Lunch time


Opps !


One must stay on the trail :


A great day !



Moab 2011 Ride

Some of you may have wondered what happened to me since the last Moab ride.  Well I had a "wee" accident which put me down for 8 months.  But, thank the Lord, I was able to ride in Moab this year (4/1-3/2011).  Twenty one riders made the trip.  We rode some of our old trails such as the Devil's Race Track plus a new area along the Colorado border.  Thanks to Ruxton Noble who showed us some neat trails, we all had a great time.  Here are some pictures to get started.  Also, one of our riders, Scott Wisecarver took some excellent vidios and still pictures which he made into a DVD with music, no less.  Go to the end of these pictures and click on the video.

Notice there are 3 elder gentlemen in the group.

moab 2011 005.JPG

Amazing topography!
moab 2011 073.JPG

Nothing like a sand wash to tire you out.

moab 2011 011.JPG

The Colorado River near the Colorado border.

EDITING 1828.jpg

Crossing under the Interstate 70.

moab 2011 044.JPG

Slick Rock at sunset.

moab 2011 103.JPG

Wonderful video by Scott Wisecarver:

Four Corners Ride

For those with some interest in long distance street riding, I just completed a four corners of the US ride - door to door = 10,649 miles in 22 days - corner 1 to corner 4 = just under 7,000 miles in 14 days.  Some might question my sanity in doing this, especially in late October.  I ran in sub freezing weather, was snowed on, rained on, blown on and even went through a sand storm.  Actually, I had a good time, met a lot of interesting people, and survived it all.  My general itinerary was Spokane east to Menawaska, Maine (#1) - then south to Key West, Florida (#2) - then west to San Ysidro, California (#3) - then north to Blaine, Washington (#4) - and finally east to Spokane.  For more specific information contact me at

Moab 2009

The Moab 09 ride is in the books and everyone had a good time (so they told me).  Sixteen riders this year and we rode two new places - the Souverign Trail system and the Behind the Reef trail.  On the last day we went to the Top of the World (overlook) and then through Onion Creek canyon.  Beautiful sunny days - 65 degrees or so (one morning it was 17 degrees getting to the trail head) - nobody got lost or broke anything (thank the Lord).  Here are a few representative pictures:

Trying to find the trail

EDITING 375.jpg

Amazing what is out there

Just a few rocks

EDITING 380.jpg

A little tight

EDITING 040.jpg

Dinner time in Moab

EDITING 042.jpg

On the gas!

EDITING 247.jpg

Great Diversity everywhere you look

EDITING 106.jpg

Lunch time

EDITING 104.jpg

A little technical

EDITING 395.jpg

Top of the World

EDITING 095.jpg

Onion Creek

EDITING 117.jpg


A Specially Tailored Dirt Bike Ride

Winslow Rides is offering a new service:  How would you like to have a guided dirt bike ride tailored to your skill and desire in some of the world's finest dirt bike riding country? Well, it is just a "click" away.

Paul and Karen Winslow invite you to come and stay in their home, eat Karen's great meals, enjoy an exceptional ride just minutes away in the Pacific Northwest - guided by Paul (and his local buddies).  These rides are designed to bring out the "woppee" in you and your friends when you discouver some of the most pristine single tracks and spectacular views you have ever seen.  Also, as part of your visit, we can provide clinics on riding, maintenance, and jetting.

We are not charging for this service but we do invite donations.  Pick any time that is good for you and your friends, then contact us at  Here are some pictures to get you going: 

Overlooking the Clearwater

Idaho in the fall


New Wisdom web site

For those of you who know me, you are probably aware that I have written some.  Just recently I finished a new book on wisdom.  It is aimed at men who want to live life abundantly. If you would like to look at it, just click here.