Colorado Street Ride - 2015

For this ride guys left from Spokane and Fresno and trailered their street bikes to Grand Junction, CO.   We stayed at the Romada Inn where we parked our rigs for the next four days.  We then rode some 1300 miles through out most of the state.  Fortunately, we only experieced 20 minutes of rain while the rest of the time we had beautiful weather.  At least six times we rode above 10,000 feet.  Truly Colorado is a marveleous state for riding motorcycles!


Loading up in California for travel to Colorado.


Getting started 1st. thing in Grand Junction.


Joey is all ready to go.


We soon hit some road construction.


One of our first passes.


The air is pretty thin up here.


Its also pretty cold as well.


Lots of wide open spaces.


Many interesting things to see.


The Texas Resort in Lake City.


Our cabin was very nice.


Dinner at The Sourthern Vittles - great food!


Breakfast time.


Got to have something to hold up the flags.


More road construction but short waits.


Beautiful scenery!


Mountains and more mountains.


Brekenridge (where I taught my new bride to ski some 50 years ago).


Lunch time.


Staying in Vail is sure nice (we got the last 5 beds).


And then there is the Ale House.


Great fun going through Rocky Mtn. National Park.


Later on Todd got our only ticket.


And Bill got warned.


The last day we junped on the Colorado River Road.


The first 10 miles are graded dirt but very nice.


Lots of people rafting the river.


The gang says goodbye to Colorado.




California Street Ride - 2014

We always call our street rides "Adventures".  For this one we actually had 3 adventures.  The first one started out early October 30 from Auburn, CA and proceeded 100 miles NE along the Sierras on very good roads, nicely swept, no traffic and lots of curves and sweepers.  Unfortunately, we were turned around by the dept of highways (where they were cleaning up after the fires) so we had to come back to where we started - it was still a "hoot".  Next we went a different way and finally stopped for the night at Bridgeport.  The next day we dropped into Yosemite Park from the east - great scenery and beautiful.  We then worked our way to Kings Canyon Park and stayed at rustic Hume Lake resort.  All great fun with great weather.  Our second adventure started the next day with 3 inches of snow (we were one surprised bunch of riders).  We tried to get out of there - slowly, slowly, yet the snow got most of us in the end (nobody hurt but  scratched up bikes)Eventually we got out and it was a fast trip across the San Joaquin Valley to Arroyo Grande and Todd's lovely home with a wonderful hot tub under the stars.  For our third adventure we rode up Highway 1 along the ocean (another "hoot" of a ride) to Monterey where we had a late lunch at Cannery Row.  Finally we all headed east with the Fresno guys going south for home and the rest of us going to Elk Grove, (near  Sacramento) and Troy's hospitable home were we all fell into wonderful beds.  The next morning the Washington guys packed up their bikes in our trailer for the trip north to home.  Some adventurist ride, don't you think?

Getting started early:

Is everyone up to this?

Off we go into the high country:

Great roads!

Entering Yosemite from the east:


Here are 3 guys having fun - Troy, Nick, Todd

Lunch break:

The Clovis bunch:

Great Scenery:

A tunnel or two:

Yosemite Valley:

Nothing like it anywhere!

Here we all are:

The Winslow men:

Hume Lake:

Next morning:

Looks a little sloppy, don't you think?

At least the bike started!

Do you guys really want to keep going?




We are parking to wait for some of the snow to melt:

The nice police took us back to Hume Lake:

Waiting it out:



We made it!



Along the Pacific Ocean:


A break from riding California Highway 1:

Monterey Cannery Row:


Leaving California for Washington (Mt. Shasta):

The end of all our adventures ?!?!







Colorado Tour - 2014

At the end of July three riders left Spokane and three riders left Danville, CA for the long trip to Salida, Colorado.  The main purpose was for us to ride the Backcountry Discovey Route from the SW corner of Colorado to the North border of Wyoming in four days.  We also added a day on the Rainbow Trail (all single track) out of Salida.  It was quite a trip - 832 miles total.  We went above 12,000 feet four times and above 10,000 feet 10 times. We had a lightening and thunder storm (which is exciting when you are on a narrow dirt trail above 10,000 feet).  One day we got really soaked and fortunately found the last 6 dry beds available in Lake City.  We also stayed at a working cattle ranch managed by Greg Bieker's brother and family.  Our only real negative was that 3 guys had to ride in a U-Hall truck for part of a day because Greg's truck broke down (two of them got really dusted bouncing around in the back with the tail gate open for air).

The truck hic-up

Starting the Rainbow Trail

"you mean I have to ride back here"

Starting the COBDR Tour --- Nick Vlesides, Greg Biekert, Paul Winslow, Ron Kinch, Rick Wisecarver, Dean Giffing

The road is easy at first

We will be crossing the top of those mountains

Lunch break

High up weather

Above 10,000 feet

Above 12,000 feet

This is nothing like California

This is nothing like Washington either


Folks rafting the Colorado (note dog in front seat)

Ranch house was bought from Sears & Robuck in the early 1900s (siding is copper sheet)

A fraction of the hay needed to feed 400 head of cattle plus horses for the winter

Here is where those cows live

Real nutritious lunch

We made it to the Wyoming border at last (no sign though)

The End (except for the long drive home).


Moab 2014 Dirt Bike Ride

After missing a few years, Travis Campbell and I decided to put together a Moab ride March 21-23, 2014.  To our surprise 30 riders wanted to go with us.  Travis arranged all the logistics and guys from CA, WA, and ID all made it to the Super 8 motel in Moab on the 22nd (their was a bit of trama with loosing a trailer wheel but it all worked out).  We split into two groups with Travis leading one and I leading the other.  Each group had their moments - two guys got burried in mud and quicksand - all helped each other over obsticles, through water, and whatever.  No one got hurt and and no one got really lost. All said they had a great time.

Here are most of us before the first day's ride.

This is the "Top of the World".

Here is another look.

When you are up there it pays to stay close (so says Tyler).

Back down in Ten Mile Wash there is "mud".

Where are your buddies when you need them?

Next there is this "slot canyon" we have to go up.

This canyon gets tight in spots.

It is also deep in spots.

Tylor (aged 10) waites his turn.

Now for some great food and good conversation.

Back to getting buried again.

It takes a bunch of guys to get one out!

Getting up Pritchett canyon.

"Behind the Rocks" trail.

Plenty of rocks to get over.

Onion Creek is a great ride.

Getting the front wheel up.

God certainly makes beautiful sceanery!

And finally the old folks have to sit (at the end of a long day).



The Canadian 2013 Street Tour:

Seven intrepid riders headed north from Spokane on a rainy Friday morning, Sept. 6th.  It rained pretty much all day till we got to the Trout Lake ferry just south of Revelstoke, BC.  We successfully traveled some 50 miles on a dirt road through some marveleous back country.  From Revelstoke, the next day, we rode west through the lake district of BC passing through Kamaloops, Cashe Creek and Lillooete, all on great motorcycle roads and lovely scenery.  Then it was a wild ride down a beautiful canyon to Pemberton.  We decided to continue on to Whistler for the night.  This one time Olympic village is certainly impressive.  We left early on a beautiful morning to catch the ferry at Horseshoe Bay which took us to Nanimo on Vancouver Island and then we rode to Victoria. That afternoon we went by ship to Port Angeles where we stayed the night.  Day 4 dawned beautiful for our ride around the Olympic Peninsula and then we headed west into Mt. Rainier.  The park is spectacular for motorcycles, especially if you get ahead of the road surfacing crew!  By the end of the day we reached Yakima where we spent the night and then it was backroads to Spokane - a total trip of 1500 miles.

Canadian customs in the rain.

We survived 50 miles of dirt road in the rain (still beautiful)!

We began to dry out at the Trout Lake ferry line.

They squeeze everything on these BC ferrys.

Some very happy campers to be out of the wet.

The BC lake district is awesome!

Just past Lillooete we overlook a lake that starts a great ride.  My family and I made this trip some 40 years ago pulling a trailer on dirt logging roads.

This is a motorcycle dream ride.

This is Duffy Lake (where we camped40 yrs. ago).

At the end of a long day we arrive at the Whistler Olympic Village (and a Holiday Inn).

Day 3 sees us rolling early to catch the morning ferry at Horseshoe Bay.

Its now off to Vancouver Island and Victoria.

Travis Campbell and Shawn Pegram (above) and Joey Grimes and Todd Winslow (below).

The Empress Hotel in Victoria is always impressive.

This time we are on a ship going from Vancouver Island to Port Angeles, WA.

Just a little fog along the Olympic coast.

Time to stop for homemade berry pie in Aberdeen.

Traveling through Mt. Rainier park is great fun.

The views are amazing.

The mountain makes its own weather.

Finally we reached Paradise Inn and Mt. Rainier is in full view.

Its a long "down hill" to Yakima. Then straight across the state to home in Spokane.





The 2013 Washington Tour:

This is our third state tour (in as many years). We began at the Columbia River on the Washington side in the little town of Carson and then rode north on dirt tracks for 4 days and some 675 miles to the Canadian border. Ten riders made the trip (with one rider leaving after day 2 because of an asthma attack). We all greatly enjoyed the Cascades and the little towns we visited. A flat tire and a minor oil leak were our only problems. The weather in mid July was beautiful - no rain and not too hot.

Packing the bikes into the trailer:

Saying goodbye to mom:

First break on the trail:

Mt. Hood in the morning (day 1):

Near the dirt track:

Oops, a flat tire:

White Pass very early in the morning (day 2):

Mt. Adams:

Everyone checking their gear:

Big country (day 3):

Our trail goes along the cliffs:

Motel time:

The end of a long day:

Cowboy coffee (day 4):

Interesting country:

Repairing an oil leak:

A burn section of forest:

Three old amigos:

The valley just south of Canada:

We have arrived at the Canadian border (their custom house is behind us):




The 2013 Baja 500

Our son, Todd, asked me to crew for his "559 Racing Team" in the Baja 500 which was run June 1, 2013. He entered a buggy class 10 car and it took a lot of work to put this race effort together. There were 3 drivers, each with a  navigator, plus 12 support people, 3 pre-runner buggies, 6 pickups, a motor home, a travel trailer, a van, 3 pull trailers 9 dirt bikes and one #1081 race car . Everything worked pretty well except for a bad transmission on one of the new buggies so we preran most of the course on dirt bikes. In the end, our car placed 4th. in class. Quite an achievement!

Here are the guys.

Here is the race buggy (inside the enclosed trailer)

I got a ride in this buggy before the transmission broke (quite a ride with grandson Matt as the driver).

These two wonderful people, Larry and Cathy, cooked for us and helped in many ways.

You can see that we ate very well - we are right next to the Pacific ocean so the temp was very pleasant.

The "Boss" makes a list of all the things needed to make this race effort work.


The race car sure looks nice and clean (you can see some of the spare tires we carried to all the pit locations - fortunately we didn't have a single flat).

There were losts of other shiney race buggies (here is a class 1 rig owned by Bobby Gorden - these have 900 hp engines and do they fly)

The "big" boys also have beautiful support rigs.

Inside one of these $250,000 cars is a wealth of electronics and gear.

These rigs are equipped for every contingency.

This is a prerun buggy that has seen some of the course (it seats 4 people).  It can go almost as fast as the actual race vehicle.

The race is on and Todd's car is right behind a class 2 car. However, they can only go 39mph (and no passing) on the asphalt.

However, once they pass through the road intersection, its pedal to the metal when they hit the dirt (and spectators beware).

This buggy can really fly!

Here comes a class 10 car into the pits (beside the highway). He got a little squirrelly and I ran along with the bystanders to get out of his way.

Here is a #1 car getting fuel and tires in the pit as fast as he can.

Todd has just arrived in our pit and one of the guys is checking the tire - notice the fresh air hose to his helmet (lots of dust - especially when you try to pass).

Here is the next driver, Matt getting ready to enter the car (not all that easy getting in). Notice the light bar across the top and the antennas on the roof). The marshals keep track of each car by GPS.

There goes Matt up the highway for a short distance - a little bit latter the race course ran along side the highway and I clocked Matt going 85mph over a very rough part of the course (I was going that fast to get to the next stop before he did since I carried gas and tires).

Here is part of the race course which Joe Ferrante and I preran on our dirt bikes.

Joe and I saw lots of kids in the little villages we passed through. They all wanted us to sign their shirts with felt tipped pens.

Here comes a #10 car right through a little town.

That's the story - a great race and congratulations to the drivers and crew of the #1081 class 10 car for their podium finish!


Ireland Trip 2013

Karen and I set off for Ireland to see the land where Karen's ancestors came from in the 1850s. We actually saw a Peter Doran on the manifest of a sailing ship going to Ontario in 1854. We circumnavigated the island taking all back roads for 1550 miles and stayed each night in Bed & Breakfast homes. We found the people very hospitable and helpful (strangers often stopped us on the street to help us find our way). To our surprise, the food everywhere was excellent and the "pubs" where we ate (most of the time) were very inviting. Hope you enjoy a look at this fascinating island.

A beautiful but quite rugged land

An ancient watch tower

The DunBrody, an 1850s potato famine sailing ship

Sheep are everywhere

A potato farmer's "Beehive" home (from the 1850s)

Very narrow back country coastal roads with stone pasture fencing

The Ring of Kerry south coast

Very tough for invaders on the SW coast

A lovely B&B where we stayed

Castles are also everywhere

Here is a lovely lady on a mist coastal morning

Also, many cathedrals

Downtown Belfast - traffic is a pain!

Pubs are really nice and the food is excellent

A necessary castle to guard the coast

An ancient road tressel still in use in the back country

The beautiful "emerald" Isle!


Oregon Street Ride Tour 2012

Seven riders trailered their bikes to Bend, Oregon to start this adventure - Travis Campbell, Shawn Pegram, Andrew Flack, Stan Seehorn, Todd Winslow, Joey Grimes, and me.  Thanks to our friend, Todd Popham, we parked our rigs at his house and early on a Friday morning  Oct. 14, 2012 we began our adventure.  The idea was to ride as many of the mountain back roads we could find in Oregon (and a little of CA and WA) in four days.  Included were stops at Crater Lake, a spot on Highway 101 where I nearly dropped a CAT scraper and myself into the ocean in 1958 (I was working on the construction of 101 at the time), and Mt. St. Helen's Crater (east side).  The weather was spectacular (only problem was smoke from forest fires), the riding was a lot of fun, we covered 1200+ miles and everyone survived with big smiles.

Heading into the Oregon mountain back roads.

Oregon Ride

Crater Lake
Oregon Ride

Crater Lake - looking south.

Oregon Ride

No traffic, just open roads.

Mt St. Helens

High mountain "twistys"

Oregon Ride

An intersection break.

Oregon Ride

Laid over.

Oregon Ride

More fun !

Oregon Ride

Oh No! the fuel pump quit.

Oregon Ride

Found one in a small town auto parts store - PTL

Oregon Ride

The spot on #101 where my Cat scraper and I almost fell in the ocean (in 1958)

Oregon Ride
Oregon Ride

Sasquatch - near Galice, OR.

Oregon Ride

After 56 miles of curves.

Oregon Ride

On the way to Mt. St. Helens - Wind River Road.

Mt St. Helens 008.JPG

Spirit Lake - east side of Mt St. Helens

Mt St. Helens

Mt. St. Helen's crater (obscured by forest fire smoke).

Mt St. Helens

2012 Utah Tour

This tour was ridden by Nick and Trent Vlesides, Rick Wisecarver, and Paul Winslow following the route laid out by the Backroads Discovery Route guys. We started at sunrise from Mexican Hat, Utah right at the Arizona border on 7/10/2012 and rode North for four days to Garden City, Utah right at the Wyoming/Idaho border. We saw a lot of spectacular scenery and climbed to 10,000 feet elevation six times in the 920 mile trip. Thanks to the excellent route laid out by folks we had a lot of fun. This included riding all of their "expert only" alternate routes plus repairing a broken chain and 3 flat tires. We stayed first at Garden City (then were shuttled South by by our friend, Karl, to Mexican Hat). Then we overnighted at Monticello, Green River, and Heber City. Met some nice folks along the way and had some wonderful food. Our thanks to the Lord for keeping us safe (nobody crashed), for finding a chain breaker in one Nick's back pack, for cloud cover to keep us cool in the afternoon, for no trouble with the bikes or with anybody running out of gas.

Here we are, having just arrived in Mexican Hat
Utah Trip 2012

Sunrise in the Valley of the Gods
Utah Trip 2012

This nice road winds through massive rock structures
Utah Trip 2012

We have climbed to 10,000 feet elevation
Utah Trip 2012

Here is an extensive forest of Aspens
Utah Trip 2012

Love those afternoon clouds
Utah Trip 2012

The "experts only" trail begins - fun!
Utah Trip 2012

Hurrah Pass (near Moab)
Utah Trip 2012

The mighty Colorado River sure carves up the country
Utah Trip 2012

A flock of sheep in the high country
Utah Trip 2012 060.JPG

Nothing like sprinkles to cool things off
Utah Trip 2012

A nail in the wrong place
Utah Trip 2012

Putting in some reserve gas on the last leg of our journey
Utah Trip 2012

The End!

Idaho Tour 2011

At the end of August, 2011 four adventure loving dirt bikers decided to do the Idaho Tour. The plan was to ride dirt bikes from the Idaho/Utah border (south of Pocatello, ID) to just below the Canadian border (top of Priest Lake), some 1300 miles, in the very back country of Idaho, going over 10,400 ft. passes, riding single track (some pretty tough), lots of two track (over remote mountain ridges and hill sides), and some dirt roads (through rugged cattle country) - only a little pavement (largely due to avoiding fires). We did spend a lot of time in the saddle averaging 12 hours/day for 6 days (my sons and I did ride 3000 miles in Australia on dirt bikes over 3 weeks - but that trip was not as intense as this one).

The riders are: Karl Rieger on a Honda CRS 230 , Rick Wisecarver on a KDX 250, Troy Winslow on a KTM Adventure 950, and me on a KTM 300 two stroke. Incidentally, some wondered if Troy would be able to make it on his 450+ lb. bike but he did (only borrowing my bike for an optional 16 mile section while I fixed an electrical problem on his bike). At the end of the first day we met Wade Popham from Bend, OR who was doing the tour on a KTM 530 - a good rider and a neat guy but with some rear tire trouble - see his pictures at

I can report that we had a great time - saw incredible country - completed the tour in six days (we rode over 1400 miles - had no major mishaps - didn't run out of gas - and enjoyed all the people we met at each night's stay in very small towns (Arco, Challis, Elk City, Wallace).  Hopefully, you will enjoy the following pictures:

My 300 two stroke modified to carry 7 gal. of gas plus 4 qts. of two stroke oil:

Idaho Tour 2011

Here we are, all loaded and ready to go (we pick Troy up at the Pocatello airport):

Idaho Tour 2011

A great way to start w/ the Lord's rainbow:

Idaho Tour 2011

The first ridge line trail:

Idaho Tour 2011

It gets steeper and narrower:

Idaho Tour 2011

The very top:

Idaho Tour 2011

Getting down presents a wee problem:

Idaho Tour 2011

More single track:

Idaho Tour 2011

Heading for the big mtn.

Idaho Tour 2011

Getting to the top is quite a climb:

Idaho Tour 2011

Cattle country:

Idaho Tour 2011

Beautiful scenery:

Idaho Tour 2011

Running the Canyons:

Idaho Tour 2011

Just a little mud hole -

Idaho Tour 2011

and a flat tire - hate when that happens:

Idaho Tour 2011

The sixth day's terrain:

Idaho Tour 2011

The final point at the end of the Tour:

Idaho Tour 2011

WE DID IT! 1400 + miles in six days:

Idaho Tour 2011